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Subtle Realism

shades of grey

2/14/06 01:00 am - Insomnia? Not exactly.

Jirou senpai, I adore you and everything, and thank you so much, but we do have school today you know~ Saeki san, I had no idea you were so talented with musical insturments? Perhaps you should take up the violin? I'm sure many of the girls (and probably the guys too) would appreciate it if you showed up to orchestra in that outfit too. ;P

that bunny suit was extremely cute though, senpai. could you let Ryou borrow it sometime?

You + Me = Date after 5 tonight? You know where to meet me.

12/5/05 05:22 pm - ^.^

Happy Birthday Wakashi.

10/26/05 03:34 am

Halloween memeCollapse )

Kabaji! Saeki-san! aww. Ryou, only 4? *pouts*

Sharon, thank you! You were very generous. ^_^

and...that cat. Wow. Maybe the lack of opposable thumbs caused him to dump in some extra.

I'm curious as to what "evil-flavoured" is.

10/15/05 07:52 pm - Oshitari senpai.

Happy Birthday to you~!

It seems that's all I'm doing is posting birthday wishes lately, but...it's rather convenient you were all born so close together. Less likely I'll forget that way. :P

10/12/05 10:18 am - Ano...

What in the world happened to my journal?

Not that I really mind or anything, but Uhm...


Thank you.

I think?

10/4/05 06:02 pm - Atobe

Happy Birthday. I hope it's an extra special day for you.

The weather's kind of getting to me lately. The nights keep getting colder and colder...

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9/29/05 11:15 pm - ...




That was...crazy. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. I don't know how they found out (although I have my sneaking suspicions as to who told them) but wow...just. Wow.

Ryou, happy birthday. I hope it was everything you expected it to be, and maybe a little more? :)

Love you!

ooc - this will make no sense until the log progresses/gets posted? but since this needed to be dated tonight ♥

9/25/05 10:23 pm - I was right.

Jirou senpai? Look in here please.Collapse )

9/25/05 09:08 pm - ...

You know, I could say that I hate my sister, except well...I don't really.

But that hint was terrible. I doubt I'll get much sleep tonight thinking about tomorrow...

PrivateCollapse )

9/13/05 08:02 pm - Mukahi senpai?

Was your birthday a good one? I haven't seen you in a really long time, I hope you're alright and one of your "pets" didn't decide to turn against you somehow.

I don't think being pecked to death is a very glamorous way to go...

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